This Year in Horror History…, 1991

Deadly Movies | Horror 1991

Brooke Adams: Having some chips and kissing her movie career goodbye in 1991

1991.., the year that the Bush family begins its two decade long cluster fuck in Iraq. The year that the LAPD lost their rag. And most bizarrely of all, the year a golf fan was killed by lightening at the US Open.., true story, look it up. But in the world of horror things were getting all morning-after like. The night before in question was the 1980s.

The 80s explosion in home video had ushered in the era of mass-horror, and the new sub-genre known as the Slasher Movie was doing particularly well. But like all excesses there comes a thumping hangover, and the early 1990s were horror’s equivalent of waking up dehydrated in a pool of your own vomit with nothing better to do than sit on the couch all day watching reruns. Blandness was the order of the year with flavourless puddings like ‘Critters 3‘, ‘The Omen 4‘, and ‘The Killer Tomatoes Eat France‘ trying their best to squeeze any box-office left in their 80s franchises’. ‘Child’s Play 3‘ received some unwanted (and un-deserved) notoriety when it was (wrongly) blamed for inspiring some real-life nastiness two years later in 1993 (look it up if you don’t know what I mean). On the plus side ‘Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare‘ was kinda fun (everyone loves a wacky 3D ending), and ‘The People Under The Stairs‘ became solid late-night TV entertainment.

Deadly Movies remembers 1991: For Brooke Adams! Remember Brooke? She was the very cute and pretty young lady running around with Donald Sutherland in the 1978 remake of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers‘. 1991 would be a stelar (in the sense of a sun imploding on itself) horror year for Brooke with two movie releases; the ok ‘Sometimes They Come Back‘ and super shitty ‘The Unborn‘. It would be essentially TV spots from there on in for poor old Brooke.

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