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The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

So The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer has broken online in glorious HD on the movie’s official Facebook fan page. Deadly Movies will be following the progress of TDKR between now and the film’s release next summer with spoiler free news, updates, and analysis. So let’s take a look at the teaser trailer scene-for-scene (almost). NOTE: I’ve lightened some of the images so we can see as much detail as possible. Click more to read the full analysis:

Bruce in the Far East (aka Iceland) in Batman Begins (2005)

After we get the logo collection of the usual suspects (WB and Legendary Pictures), there’s a brief glimpse of crumbling Gotham skyscrapers (which will become the marketing’s running theme) and a somewhat cheesy title card that reads ‘Every Hero Has a Journey,‘ we spend the first 40 seconds or so looking a three shots from the previous two movies: Bruce journeying to The League of Shadows HQ from ‘Batman Begins’, Bruce discovering The Bat Cave from ‘Batman Begins‘ and Batman riding the Batpod up a ramp (the final shot) from ‘The Dark Knight‘. These images are all set to a voiceover from Liam Neeson’s Ra’s Al Ghul.., direct dialogue lifted from ‘Batman Begins‘: “If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, then you become something else entirely.., A legend Mr Wayne.., a legend

Deadly Movies says: These are carefully chosen shots. The inclusion of Bruce’s journey to The League of Shadow’s HQ cements what many have suspected for a while now; namely the reemergence of The League of Shadows and an end to the story arch which began in BB. The inclusion of Liam Neeson’s voice is VERY interesting. WB have already divulged that British actor Josh Pence is playing ‘young Ra’s Al Guhl’. Will it be a flashback? Will Ra’s body be rejuvenated by the Lazarus Pit? Will Liam Neeson return? I think we can say with some certainty that Tom Hardy’s Bane (more to follow on him) is involved with The League of Shadows, possibly leading it or, if not, second in command.., but second in command to whom?RA’s himself reborn? Ra’s daughter Talia? Both? My hunch is that one member of the family, at the very least, is the person pulling the strings and causing Gotham to (literally?) fall.

Commissioner Gordon.., broken?

Hurrah.., the first bit of NEW Batman footage we’ve seen for three years and it looks like poor Commissioner Jim Gordon is pretty banged-up. Gary Oldman’s Gordon often gets the plumb dialogue in Nolan’s Bat films, and he certainly gets the most interesting stuff in this trailer. Gordon, struggling to breath, is talking to someone (look at the hand on the bed): “we were in this together.., then you were gone.., and now this evil rises“. This scene is intercut with Gordon smashing the Bat-Signal from the end of TDK and a curious shot of someone climbing out of a hole/well (below).

Someone rising

Deadly Movies says: We’re learning that Batman has gone. After the events of TDK, Batman is no longer a figure in Gotham. Gordon looks to be in serious trouble, is this the work of Bane? I’m going to say that Bane and The League of Shadows inflict serious physical damage on Gordon to draw Batman out of hiding/exile. As for the mysterious person climbing the hole, I don’t believe this to be the well from ‘Batman Begins‘. Rather I think this bald figure is a young Bane (he looks skinnier than the bulky Bane we know we’re going to get) escaping from somewhere.

Bruce, or someone, working out

Gordon continues; “The Batman has to come back“. This is intercut with a scene of someone (the dialogue would suggest Bruce) doing press-ups in what could be a prison cell. Then the biggy, the mysterious hospital visitor replies “What if he [Batman] doesn’t exist anymore“. So it is Bruce talking to Gordon, in his Bruce Wayne voice and (look again at the hand) he’s not wearing the Bat-suit. Gordon’s lines end with a plea; “He must.., he must“.

Deadly Movies says: This confirms that Bruce has given up Batman and that Gotham NEEDS him to stop whatever it is that Bane and The League of Shadows are doing. The big question from this scene is does Gordon know that Bruce is Batman, as is heavily suggested? Maybe. Bruce may be wearing a ski-mask (like their first meeting in BB) or Gordon, without his glasses, might be too banged up and drugged up to know who he’s mumbling too. I’m going to say that Gordon knows, but never acknowledges that Bruce is Batman. I think Bruce is probably covering his face, but talking in his normal voice because of how emotional he is. As for the figure doing the push-ups? We’re supposed to think it’s Bruce, he’s slightly bearded and resembles Bruce from BB. I’m going to say that this is Bruce training in the bowels of Wayne Manor somewhere, NOT him traveling to ‘find himself’ as some have suggested.., that’s just too repetitive of to BB.

Tom Hardy's Bane

Boom It’s Bane! Here is the first full frontal look at Tom Hardy as Bane. Here’s the man that is going to cause significant damage to just about everyone and everything. In the comics Bane is a monster of a man given extra strength and ability by a toxin/drug called Venom which pumps directly into his brain. It looks like Nolan is feeding something through a revised mussel version of Bane’s. mask.

Deadly Movies says: From this it looks like Bane inhales something through his mouth and nose that increases his physical abilities. It makes sense that this may be linked to the inhaled fear toxin used by The League of Shadows in BB.


More and more buildings collapse as the camera zooms up through the devastation creating a Bat-symbol in the sky above which envelopes the screen in bright white and leaves us with this (above) crappy title card. Sorry but this is awful. Not only is it completely out of sync with BB and TDK it’s also a completely different font type from all the title cards used throughout the trailer. It just looks off, out of place, and rough. Heard over said horrible title card is that chanting from the viral marketing. I can’t make out what it says, but it’s fairly safe to assume it’s the same as the ‘The Fire Rises” chant heard in the Bane reveal viral campaign from May.

Deadly Movies says: Ewwww to the title card. As for the chanting, it suggests gang violence and disorder. I think Bane and The League of Shadows will be overseeing a major breakdown in law and order on the streets of Gotham. I expect to see all hell breaking loose, complete economic and social breakdown, and anarchy on the path to The League of Shadows’ ultimate goal of the levelling of Gotham City.

The money shot

And now the money shot. Batman backing off, clearly tired, hurting, staggering, and.., afraid. It’s clear that he’s fighting Bane and that Bane’s getting the better of him. The interesting thing will be where in the movie this takes place. is it early on? Allowing Bane and The League of Shadows to cut loose in Gotham or is it the final confrontation? There are two other points of interest here which I’ve highlighted: 1) There is a lone figure in the background that you can bet your ass isn’t a lost background actor, and 2) There appears to be something of note on Bane’s back. This could just be bulky clothing or possibly something containing the vaporised drug he inhales.

Deadly Movies says: I don’t think this is a final showdown moment. I just don’t think we would get that this early on. I believe Bane and Batman will cross paths twice in the movie, the first time Batman will lose, giving TLOS free run over Gotham. Therein the Dark knight will rise. Who is the mystery guest in the background? Goodness knows. Maybe It’s just be a hired goon. But I assume it’s someone very relevant. On a side note I think this confrontation may be taking place in The Narrows just by looking at the background.

So there you have it. Lots of clues, and more questions than answers. There’s nothing of Alfred or Lucius Fox, nothing of newcomers Joseph Gordon Levitt and Marion Cotillard, and most notable by her absence is Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. What are your thoughts?

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