Top 5 Deadly Movie Death By Electrocution Scenes

There’s nothing like death by electrocution, especially when you’ve completely run out of original ideas of how to finish-off your killer/boogeyman/monster. Here’s Deadly Movies Top 5 death scenes by fossil fuel’s most useful byproduct..,

5. Jennifer, death by Freddy TV in ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors’ (1987): This is one of those (silly) iconic Freddy moments. Freddy’s head vacuum forms through the top of a TV and strange robot-type arms extend outwards, grabbing Jennifer and smashing her head through the screen. Commentary on teenage life and death by TV? Maybe. Or just another way of ramping-up the kills in the franchise.

4. Huge mass Gremlin genocide in ‘Gremlins 2’ (1990): This is great for all kinds of reasons. Not only are hundreds of Gremlins simultaneously electrocuted at once (by an elcro-Gremlin no less), there’s also some awesome macabre puppetry and Dick Miller. I don’t know about you, but mass puppet genocide and Dick Miller are about all I need to get off.

3. Michael makes a head explode in ‘Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers’ (1995): The absurdly named character actor Bradford English (yes there’s a place in England called Bradford) gets his head all exploded from his shoulders when Michael Myers pins him to, what one assumes to be a very powerful, fuse box in the basement of the old Myers place. Feeling the power of electricity running through his veins, much like the Ultimate Warrior, old Bradford blows his load when his skull can’t take anymore elec-tricky goodness.

2 .Scarface Shark’s head goes on fire in ‘Jaws 2 ‘ (1978):Smile you son of a..” said Sheriff Brody in 1975 when he made a shark’s head explode. Not one to wear the same tux to a party twice, Brody tried to outdo himself three years later when electricity would help him set a shark’s head on fire. Actually imagine if, during your lifetime, you had made one Great White’s head explode and set another’s on fire. Amazing. Sadly when the shark bites down on a power cable out at sea (that sentence.., lols), Brody doesn’t get in-there with the line “Set your face on fire you son of a..,“. No that’s writing.

1. Del’s botched electrocution execution in ‘The Green Mile’ (1999): Ahhh not a horror film! This has to be the most gut wrenching electrocutions in movie history. Not only do we hate the guard (Percy wank face) and love the prisoner (poor old cajun Del and his widowed mouse), which pushes all the right emotional keys, but we also bare witness to a savage and prolonged death sequence which concludes with fire bellowing from Del’s mouth and eyes. In the words of Sam Rockwell “He’s fryin now!

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One thought on “Top 5 Deadly Movie Death By Electrocution Scenes

  1. No list of scenes about death-by-electrocution scene would be complete without the one where the fence (you know, a guy who deals in stolen goods) gets a TV slammed down over his head (and then plugged in, as I recall) from “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.”

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