This Year In Horror.., 2001

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2001 was a tough year for both Dan and I

New Feature: In the name of giving things a little stir around here, I have decided on a new feature: ‘This Year In Horror..,’ which will take a look back at the horrors of any given year. It’s like taking the Delorean for a spin through horror history and hitting the random button (if the Doc installed one) on the destination display. So let’s kick things off with a fairly recent jaunt back 10 tears to 2001.

2001, ah, what a time.., Gladiator wins at the Oscars, The Arizona Diamondbacks win The World Series, and the true horror of all horrors.., George W Bush is inaugurated as the 43rd president of the United States. In Horror it was a time of total and utter bullshit. Fans would endure epic failures such as ‘John Carpenter’s Cluster Fucks of Mars‘, ‘Thir13een Ghosts‘, ‘Beneath Loch Ness‘ (answer; sand), and total bore-fest ‘Wendigo‘ (it isn’t good, stop pretending it is). Then there was a sewage-tsunami of unwanted sequels from the planet skunk-anus, with the likes of ‘Wishmaster 3‘, ‘The Mangler 2‘, ‘Spiders 2‘ (who the fuck saw the first one?), ‘Hellraiser 6: something something fat and old-Pinhead‘, and ‘Alien Factor 2‘ (oh fuck off). Finally there were a lot of movies that no one wanted to see or went to see; nonsencically financed money pits like ‘Killer Buzz‘, ‘Raptor‘ (Jurassic Park was 8 years ago!), ‘Witchhunter‘, ‘Zombie Chronicles‘, ‘Shark Hunter‘, ‘Fangs‘, and many more.

However, there were rays of light: ‘The Others‘ was creepy if entirely, predictably, twisty. ‘Ringu 0‘ added an OK prequel to the awesome Japanese ‘Ringu’ movies. ‘Session 9‘ was sphincter clenchingly eerie. ‘Mimic 2‘ is a better D2DVD than it ever ought to be. ‘The Bunker‘ was a decent debut from Rob Green. And the first 30 minutes of ‘Jeepers Creepers‘ pleased everyone before it got all X-Files on our asses.

Deadly Movies remembers 2001: For this ‘Ghostbusters‘ fan 2001 shall forever be remembered as the year my dreams of a ‘Ghostbusters 3‘ began to slip from the clutches of reality as I realised, for the first time, just how fat and blading Dan Aykroyd was getting. This moment happened whilst watching the non-demanded remake of ‘Earth vs The Spider‘. The movie actually isn’t as crapballs as it sounds and everyone plays it for what it is.., Akroyd included, who is as loveable as ever. But I just remember thinking; “Dr Stanz has had a lot of mac and cheese since 1989“. To harsh? Yes. But movies always serve as that sad reminder that your heroes are, more than likely, just middle aged balding guys with beer guts.

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