Half-Head Michael Myers to be rolled back out for another performance

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So Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween 2‘ is getting a sequel. Slated for 2012, presumably August (what’s with the summer Halloween release dates? Go with October along with the rest of the horror world you douchebag cowards), ‘Halloween 3D‘ will apparently keep within the Rob Zombie continuity.., which is, to be honest, somewhat of a surprise. Not only was Zombie’s ‘Halloween 2‘ neither a critical, commercial, nor fanboy success (I quite liked it, read here for reasons why) it also ends rather abruptly with a VERY conclusive savaging of Michael’s face at the hands of baby sis Laurie. Which leaves us with two ways of bringing Michael back: 1) The good old slasher movie convention of “forget what happened at the end of the last movie, the boogeyman is still alive somehow.., yeah whatevs” – lets be honest, horror has been getting away with this one for decades. Then there’s Deadly Movies preferable option 2) Make Michael a ‘South Park‘ Britney Spears-style half-head (see below for artists impression). It’s new, bold, and fresh. Plus I think the inclusion of two stagehands to guide Michael through the movie (he does, remember, only have half a head) opens up all kinds of possibilities for new franchise characters (such as Stagehand #1, Ralf the stagehand, or Stagehand #2).

What do you think?

Michael Half Head Myers

Thanks to my chums over at Horror Society for the original South Park pic

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