New Clip From Vampire Action Flick ‘The Bleeding’

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Deadly Movies received this clip last night from new ‘vampire-action’ film ‘The Bleeding’. Due out on DVD and Blu-ray on March 1st, the movie follows Shaun Black as he hunts for revenge against the vampires (lead by Vinnie Jones) that slayed his parents and left him for dead, with the help of Michael Madson’s Reverend Roy (nice name). Anchor Bat are pushing this as ‘Blade’ style vampire shoot’em’up. Check out the clip below to judge for yourselves. Click more to see the full press release and DVD cover art.

Shawn Black (Matthias) knows pain. His parents and brother were killed in front of him. Beaten, bloodied and left for dead by a gang of ruthless vampires led by the charismatic Cain (Jones) and his lethal lieutenant Vanya (Kat Von D). But like his would-be murderers, Shawn has come back from the brink of death to take his revenge. He soon comes upon Reverend Roy (Madsen), who reveals to Shawn his calling as a “slayer,” the only human capable of truly destroying vampires.

Dark, brooding and with a palpable layer of cowboy justice, THE BLEEDING spins a tale of otherworldly influences running headlong into the very human thirst for revenge. Redemption comes with a heavy, and bloody, price in THE BLEEDING.

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