Top 10 Deadly Movies Christmas Moments: 9 Days to go

9 Days To Go | Salmon Eating Hobo Akroyd Santa in ‘Trading Places’ (1983)

Dan Akroyd, purveyor of the finest Canadian salmon

Day 2 of Deadly Movies’ 10 greatest Christmas moments sees boozed up Dan Akroyd shoveling smoked salmon through the wiry hairs of his fake Santa hobo beard. Jacked up Jack Dan’s sleazy Santa crashes a Christmas party of Philadelphia’s gentry, gun in hand and salmon hidden in his Santa suit. Going home smelling of fish and whisky was a key tactic in Akroyd securing boobage from 1983 hotness Jamie Lee. I suggest you all do the same at your staff party this Christmas. Oh and make sure that while you’re shoving the fish in your mouth you make a noise something like this “Nyom nom nyom.., urggghhhh”

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