Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of #13

A Virgin Among The Living Dead (1973)

Oh boy, what in the name of Professor Von Preposterous is going on here? Director Jesus Franco is known for surreal films of eroticism, but you get the feeling that this is less surreal Euro horror and more soft porn made up of various spliced days of filming with some zombies thrown in for good measure. Safe to say if you like French chateau’s (who doesn’t?), chicken heads, black phalluses, painting toenails, uncle Howard, severed arms, and excessive uses of zoom (or in this case ZOOOOOOOOOM) then you’ll love this. Actually you probably won’t, you’ll most likely be mystified by the entire thing, and the quasi reality angle that gives Bobby Ewing a run for his money. Oh and there’s almost a subplot about a pond, so if you have a fetish for water features then you’ve come to the right place. This bizzare effort is like a puzzle put together by a chimp who was missing half the box and given Cheerios and bottle-tops to fill in the blanks…, the THREE listed directors are testament to that. Oh, but there are boobies.., so whatever.

So who out there was man enough to sit through this one?

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