Do You remember When..,

.., John Carpenter blew cigarette (or maybe pot) smoke in front of the camera in ‘Halloween’ (1978)?

Carpenter's smoke enters screen left (Photo: Compass International Pictures/Falcon Films)

I love this bit of trivia. John Carpenter’s Halloween is synonymous for its tiny budget and boot-string effects (which makes the final outstanding piece of cinema all the more amazing). During a dolly shot whereby Carpenter tracks Annie Brackett (Nancy Loomis) down a Haddonfield side-walk, a wisp of the director’s cigarette smoke floats nonchalantly into view from screen left and passes between the camera lens and the actress. There’s just something wonderfully innocent and almost naive about this that makes the film all the more endearing, something that all gorilla film-makers can relate to. Pot or smoke (Left)? Take a look at Carpenter in 1978 and decide for yourself (Below).

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  1. nice info u got here … keep it up =D

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