Halloween 2010: The Deadly Movies Moviethon

Deadly Movies | Halloween 2010 Moviethon

This Halloween Weekend Deadly Movies will be taking a trip through the past 80 years of Horror. Taking one Horror film from each decade, starting in the 1930s, Deadly Movies will look at films that were not only influential, but also explore themes of the decade and popular movements of the time. There’ll also be an attempt to keep each film distinct, looking at different genres and sub-genres as the decades progress. Some films will be obvious choices from the time, some less so. We’ll be taking a look at monsters, alien invaders, vampires, boogeymen, and zombies, amoungst others. The list certainly ISN’T supposed to represent a definitive list of the best films from each decade. Each film will be covered live on twitter and here on Deadly Movies. Take a look at the list and timetable and feel free to join in during the course of the weekend, or, if you’re feeling brave, have a go at watching the whole list yourself:

Saturday 30th October


Frankenstein (1931): We’re kicking things off with the daddy of Universal Monster Horror. Granted many rate ‘Bride of Frankenstein‘ above it’s predecessor, but I’m plumping for the grandaddy of gothic monster horror. Frankenstein also allows us to take a look at two of the first icons of horror, Boris Karloff and James Whale.



The Cat People (1942): Often listed as the quintessential horror flick on the 40s and the film that saved RKO. The film serves here as a noir horror and also an example of domestic American horror, when studios were looking inwardly to horrors at home rather than the gothic tales of the old world.




‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ (1956): Perhaps the most iconic and important sci-fi horror film. The movie also serves as THE example of’ ‘red scare’ 50’s America. It also serves to tick the alien box.





‘Dracula prince of Darkness’ (1966): You can’t examine horror without looking at one of its enduring icons, the vampire, and specifically Dracula. This will also offer an opportunity to see Hammer Horror, horror icon Christopher Lee (returning to his most celebrated role), and an example of when bright red blood began to drip from cinema screens.


Sunday 31st October


Halloween (1978): You can’t celebrate Halloween without its movie namesake. No Halloween is complete without a trip to Haddonfield and John carpenters modern classic which, would spawn a decade’s worth of slasher movies. Halloween is perhaps the quintessential Slasher movie with the equally quintessential masked boogeyman, Michael Myers.



Re-Animator (1985): Zombies, zombies, zombies. You can’t explore horror without them. Where to look for the living dead was a tricky choice. Romero’s original and Italian spaghetti zombie films of the 70s throw up tantalising options. But the advances in make-up and prosthetics in the 80s provided zombie movies with the ability to really explore and exploit body horror, with blood and guts unashamedly on display. Re-Animator allows us to look at the undead (if in a slightly different light to the traditional zombie) as well as a great example of body horror.



Wishmaster (1997): I found the 90s the trickiest decade to pick a film from. It has some stand out movies, but on the whole it was a bit of a post-80s hangover. ‘Scream‘ is the essential film of the period, but I wanted to avoid a second slasher. Wishmaster allows a look at something a little different, whilst keeping with the 90s themes of self knowing horror and indulgent genre cameos.



The Ring (2002): Predominantly this is here to tick three boxes: The 00’s lust for the remake, the influence of J and K horror, and a need to place a tick next to paranormal horror. It’s also a great example of a worthwhile remake that was handled with care and craft.


2010 onwards.

I will also be choosing a film to represent the coming century taken from this year’s horror releases. Choice to be confirmed.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween 2010: The Deadly Movies Moviethon

  1. Deggsy says:

    Excellent choices all around, knew it was difficult, and looking forward to riding the Tweets!

  2. While I actually prefer the 1979 remake of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” the 1956 version is also a must-see. Both are infinitely superior to that piece of 2007 dog meat starring Nicole Kidman (who does look spectacular through out, its fair to note).

    I saw “Reanimator” (and “The Ring”) in the cinema at the time of their release.

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