Boobs, Butts, Booze, and Blood. ‘Piranha 3D’ review

Deadly Movies Reviews | ‘Piranha 3D’ (2010)

Riley Steele and Kelly Brooke

Alex Aja’s ‘Piranha 3D’ arrives with a certain amount of high expectation amongst genre fans, largely based on the director’s sound horror reputation and a marketing campaign that has worked hard to emphasise the movie’s fun, balls-out approach. The film is certainly a laugh-out-load horror, taking clichés of exploitation cinema and running wild (or should that be wild, wild, wild?) with them. There’s certainly plenty of boobs, butts, booze, blood, puke, guts, drugs, and a severed cock. It’s strange then that restraint is one of one criticisms you can level at the movie.

‘Piranha 3D’ certainly isn’t visually restrained, you’ll get all the body gore you craved and all the girl-on-girl nakedness promised, but oddly the narrative and pace of the film is strangely restrained at times. After the wonderful Richard Dreyfuss opening (loaded with ‘JAWS’ references) the film is oddly pedestrian in places. No bad thing, but not quite the constant bat-shit crazed frenzy suggested by the marketing. However, when the carnage kicks in around the hour mark boy is it splendidly carnivorous. The piranhas eat their way through drunk Spring Break teens with more vigor than a fat kid in a cake factory. Severed, shredded, and broken limbs are all displayed in unashamed detail.., and It’s truly glorious. oddly enough this carnage is ravaged upon background characters, most of the primary cast spend their time on another part of the lake.

All of the leads give it a good go; Elizabeth Shue and Adam Scott do well with the action, Dreyfuss and  Christopher Lloyd have bit parts (did you honestly expect anything other than that?), the awesome Ving Rhames is sadly underused, and O’Connell revels in the A-hole role. Minor pacing criticism aside, Aja certainly delivers a fun outrageous genre film. In the end It’s hard to criticize a movie that has the worlds first 3D underwater lesbian opera scene between Kelly Brooke (who’s very likable throughout the movie) and porn actress Riley Steele. And that dear readers is worth the price of admission if nothing else.

3D Note: The 3D isn’t real 3D, it’s post 3D. The 3D is ok but not true 3D. Some of the more kinetic underwater 3D kills are a little messy as the 3D treatment struggles with the action.

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