When Shaun met George

Deadly Movies Cameos | Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright in ‘Land of the Dead’ (2005)

Pegg (left) and Wright (right) in 'Land of the Dead'

Darlings of British film Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright were invited by zombie maestro George A Romero to cameo in his first big  money z-film ‘Land of the Dead’. Of course this was a result of Pegg and Wright’s 2004 breakout success ‘Shaun of the Dead’. Now even if you can’t stomach Empire’s lording of Pegg and Wright you simply can’t detract from A) how good ‘Shaun of the Dead’ is and B) how talented these two are. So it’s with great joy (for Pegg & Wright and horror fans equally) to see the pair pop up in a film directed by the man who influenced their careers so. The joygasm is increased tenfold by Romero’s legendary social wit, in this case society’s photo-opp culture. Zombie-Peg and zombie-Wright are prisoner members of the undead who’s sole purpose is to provide Kodak moments for the post-apocalypse middle class. A true moment of genius and one that proves Romero still has an eye for social commentary (even if ‘Diary’ is poo.., yeah I went there).

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