Do You Remember When..,

.., William Shatner threatens to milk his sister in-law in ‘Kingdom of the Spiders’ (1977)

In the brilliant 1977 creature feature ‘Kingdom of the Spiders‘ The Shat takes manning-up to all new 70s highs. Including woman abduction, tight ass man-flares, digging about in animal carcasses, porch drinking with the boys, and throwing little girls around. Oh, and he’s called ‘Rack’, as in BBQ ribs or nice set of tits. With all these classic moments, not to mention The Shat’s now infamous ground breaking acting style, it’s difficult to pick just one moment from this seminal arachnid feature. However there is one. Oh yes, one moment that stands head and shoulders above the rest, one that is as random as it is uncomfortable and ball-splitingly hilarious. The moment in question comes when The Shat delivers some financial support to his deceased brother’s sexy young widow. Refusing her sexual advances the following exchange of livestock analogies take place where The Shat appears to threaten to milk his dead brother’s wife. Yes that’s right MILK her:

Sexy Widow chick: “Rack you’re a funny man.., You won’t be with your brother’s wife, but you’ll take care of her like you were. Isn’t that like buying the cow and giving the milk away?”

The Shat (Rack): “You know if you don’t quit pestering me, one of these mornings I’m gonna show up and start milking that cow”

A remarkable scene worthy of any Screen Writers Guild award.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Remember When..,

  1. This was just about the first movie I ever saw on HBO, circa 1978. I found it very scary at the time. The ending scene is still pretty good.

  2. Oh, Kingdom of the Spiders. Quintessential Shatner.

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