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'Book of 1,000 Deaths'

This week Deadly Movies had the good fortune to catch up with Indie filmmaker Andretti Dante to chat about his new feature ‘Book of 1,000 Deaths‘.Below you can read an exclusive interview with Andretti and feast your peepers on some production stills that you’ll only find here at Deadly Movies (photos courtesy of Raul Jesus Guzman Photography).

Synopsis: Lila The Legend Teller (adult film star Misti Dawn) and her frisky sidekick Whiskers bring you four stories that are more than just myths or fairy tales ….these are urban legends, with endings that are far from happy.

DM: Tell us a little bit about the short that lead to ‘Book of 1,000 Deaths’ and the process of arriving at the point of shooting a feature.

AD: Well I had this idea to start doing a web-series called ‘Urban Legendz‘ which every few weeks I would drop a new episode based off urban legends. So we shot the 1st one which was ‘Kidney Jacking‘, the legend where you wake up in a tub full of ice with your kidney missing. The response was so huge that I ended up holding off on doing the second episode. Everyone kept saying to make it into a feature film. So for about a year I was thinking of how to make it into a feature that would be different and something off the wall. Then little by little I started to develop it in my head. Because with me I don’t write a script until I play it out in my head all the way through, then I write it. So after a year this past January I had a meeting with ShavSha Israel and I pitched her a bunch of scripts and ideas I had. Urban Legendz was the last one I pitched and without any hesitation she said “That’s your next movie and you’re doing that movie with me.” So I had heard enough, that was the movie that I needed to do next. I went and wrote the script in two weeks. Turned it in to ShavSha and the rest is history it’s still a little unreal to be on set shooting the feature right now as we speak.

DM: Funding Indie movies is more than a little tricky. You’re raising money online, how’s that working out and how can people help?

AD: YES! That’s the hardest part of any film, to have the proper funding to make a film, especially indie films. We started up a fan funding page with Where fans can donate money to help make the film and receive some cool gifts in return like the DVD, soundtrack, posters, signed merchandise from the film many other cool gifts. It’s a cool way to get the fans involved and also helps get the money we need to make the film we want to make. If people are interested the can go to

DM: You’ve gone for the multi story narrative, should we expect four separate stories like ‘Twilight Zone The Movie’ or something a little more inter-woven like ‘Trick R Treat’?

AD: Yeah it’s four different legends, some more familiar legends and a couple of newer legends. ‘Book Of 1,000 Deaths‘ is more along the lines of ‘Tales From The Crypt‘ and ‘CreepShow‘. Updated with what I like to call B.A.T.(Blood Ass and Tits), it’s very graphic and sexual. Everything that makes horror great with some comedy relief and a lot more craziness. Trust me when I say you definitely will be talking about this movie for a long time.

DM: You’ve bagged quite the striking story-teller for the movie in the form of Misti Dawn, how did that come about?

AD: That was one of the biggest things I was having trouble with.., giving this movie a face. Like when you think of ‘Tales From The Crypt‘ you think of the Crypt Keeper, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street‘ you think of Freddy Kruger etc. So I knew I wanted someone sexy and iconic. Misti Dawn was the perfect fit. When I started writing the script Misti was my first choice. So it was cool to get her for the role of Lila and the face of the franchise. Yes I said franchise! I plan on doing three of these films maybe five and having spin-offs of the legends. I’ve already started writing notes for a couple of the legends in this film to be made into features. But I’m very excited to have Misti Dawn as the star of this franchise. Getting Misti wasn’t that hard because she’s a very cool person and talks to her fans. So I just hit her up one day on twitter or Facebook, I can’t really remember which site. We talked for like a week and I told her what my plans were for this film. I sent her the script, she read it, messaged me back like a day later, and the rest is history. She’s actually been attached to the project since February, we just had kept it under wraps. (end)

You can check out the short which lead to ‘Book of 1,000 Deaths‘ and find out how you can help the filmmakers raise extra funds here. Check out more of Deadly Movies’ exclusive images by clicking ‘more’.

The Book: 'Book of 1,000 Deaths'

'Book of 1,000 Deaths'

Misti Dawn as 'Lila'

Misti Dawn as 'Lila'

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