Do You Remember When..,

.., Connie Throat Fists a Hillbilly in ‘Just Before Dawn’ (1981)

Ahh yes, the great outdoors.., trees, mountains, fresh water streams, and fisting. In the much underrated early 80s slasher ‘Just Before Dawn‘, fat killer hillbilly twins are on the rampage killing teens and hunters alike in a very lackadaisical (yet oddly menacing) fashion. The twins get their comeuppance when they run head on into the power house tag-team of George Kennedy and Final Girl Connie, aka Miss Fists of Fury 1981. In a surprising reverse of standard Final Girl behaviour (reverse in hindsight as the slasher rules were very much in their infancy at this point), Connie seems to get sluttier as the movie progresses: Clothes get looser, buttons undo, and promiscuity increases. By the film’s finale Connie has swapped beige Chinos for a smoking pair of butt hugging hot-pants. Her increased sexualisation has empowered her with the ability to tackle the final surviving hillbilly twin while her lame duck boyfriend literally cower’s and cries on the floor.

So here’s the crux of the movie: How do we add a punchline to a tale whereby increased sexual confidence causes increased physical power? FISTING. Of course! Hurrah for fisting. (I’m fisting with glee right now). Trapped in a bear hug as hillbilly twin #2 tries to squeeze the life out of her, brave Connie raises her fist high and,with all the energy she has left, ploughs a five-knuckle soup bowl right down the hick’s throat. The sexual signifiers aren’t hard to miss, especially the site of a scantily clad teen straddling a fat hillbilly with her arm elbow deep in mouth. Amazing! Death by deep throat. Standing tall above the hick’s corpse, Connie looks upon her god given deadly weapon with some menace and satisfaction. Truly marvelous stuff.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Remember When..,

  1. […] Clearly what George was missing from his in his life was a film about inbred hillbillies and mouth fisting. Thank god then for Just Before […]

  2. Ted says:

    Never heard of this film,but now I have to see it! Is it for sale on eBay?

    • deadlymovies says:

      You can get it pretty much anywhere (Amazon, ebay etc) for next to nothing. The widely available super-cheap copy is a really bad copy (probably a VHS to DVD transfer) but it’s passible and kind of adds to the crapness. There is a special edition available which is a much better transfer.

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