Do You Remember When..,

.., Dan Aykroyd gets a ghost blowjob in ‘Ghostbusters’ (1984)?

The 80s was the home of the mid point montage, be it training montage, time displacement montage, fashion show montage, or drink and drug montage, the 1980s sure knew how to move a story along with nothing more than a catchy pop song and a couple of quick cuts. But of all 80s montages nothing can match the total surreal weirdness of the ‘Ghostbusters‘ montage. Search your memory banks; at first recall it’s nothing but news reports and spinning magazines. Dig a little deeper; oh yes there’s radio interviews, Larry King, Ecto-1, and a ghost taxi cab driver. Perhaps a little deeper still; well there’s Sigourney Weaver doing sit-ups and Chinese ducks. Now all of that’s wacky enough for a 2 minute montage, but just as the Ray Parker Jr classic reaches that weird eerie part we cut to the final scene of the montage: Ray (Dan Akroyd) dressed in some kind of French military jacket, lying on a four-poster bed getting head from a blonde ghost. Getting head from a ghost! Perhaps even weirder is that this was originally a full section of the movie starring Ray and Winston called the ‘Fort Detmerring’ scene. In the final cut the entire sequence was dropped and the blowjob was inserted into the montage. Really odd stuff indeed and somehow earned a PG release!

NOTE: In fact that entire montage is filled with shots from cut sequences. Deadly Movies Investigates maybe?

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3 thoughts on “Do You Remember When..,

  1. Al Bruno III says:

    When I first saw the film it always felt a little too slight for my tastes and the ghost BJ scene seemed to come out of nowhere (was that a pun?). I wonder if I would have enjoyed the film more if there had been more to it…

  2. I have never seen any of the “Ghostbuster” movies.

  3. […] why wouldn’t it be? After all, Aykroyd may get older, but the ghosts he gets paranormal blow jobs from stay the same age. Read the Vanity Fair article here: Dan Aykroyd Writing Ghostbusters 3 […]

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