Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #10

The Bat People (1974)

There’s something wonderfully trippy about creature features of the 1970s, films like ‘Frogs‘ (1972 – Deadly Movies review here), ‘Squirm‘ (1976), and ‘Prophecy‘ (1979) are pretty odd balls. Perhaps it’s all the drugs that the writers did back in 60s? ‘The Bat People‘ well and truly belongs in such a category. There are moments in such films where you look around you for the reassurance of a friend who tells you “Yes that guy did just stand there with bleeding eyes watching two pot-smoking teens make out in car, while boy teen suffers from premature ejaculation”. The Bat People (i think) is about one man’s journey into madness after a wild bat bite sends slowly melts his brain and physically transforms him at night into a super-size-me bat. Not a bad idea granted, but one delivered with such totally 70s randomness (and slow paced randomness at that) that you spend most of your time clean forgetting about the man-bat aspect as you watch on in bemusement at non monster side stories such as a horny sheriff, a lot of skiing, the aforementioned bleeding eyes, and a lot of great mustaches. By the time the full man bat transformation (makeup by a very young Stan Winston, billed as Stanley) happens you’ll have done very well to remember that it was due.

Ok group therapy time.., Who’s seen this one?

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3 thoughts on “Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #10

  1. Al Bruno III says:

    I saw it but only in the MST3k version…

  2. scarina says:

    I’ve seen it but also only on MST3K. It was called “IT Lives by Night” then. I mostly remember Sherrif Creepy McPervert and his pimpin’ cigarette holder.

  3. “Prophecy” (1979) was an interesting movie at the time.

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