Do You Remember When..,

.., Charlton Heston interupted a sexy all-lady party in ‘Soylent Green’ (1973)?

We should all remember Soylent Green for Edward G Robinson’s last movie role, another one of those Heston revelation endings, and most of all a sexy lady party scene interrupted by sweaty Charlton. Future men (the year is 2022) can look forward to the future rental market with some vigor. Not only will future man be treated to whacked-out fully furnished 70s apartments, but you’ll also get a sexy young girl thrown in too. Nice. When one wealthy proprietor is murdered, cop Heston must interview the ‘comes with’ widow. Now in the apartment by herself the ‘comes with’ widow invites the ‘comes with’ ladies from the other floors over for some kind of uber 70s-chick sexy party, whereby sexy silky underwear, sexy nail polishing, and sexy hair brushing are all the order of the day. Sweet. Sadly as the flirting is just about to kick into full gear (“you have beautiful hair”, I’d buy that for a dollar), old sweaty McGee (Heston) bursts in and interrupts the whole thing. Damn it. A really quite odd, hilarious, and highly suggestive scene that really makes you ask aloud: “Is anyone else seeing this?”

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