Whisky, Astronauts, and Silver Bean Bags: Jameson Cult Film Club ‘Moon’ Screening

Event review from The Royal Institution, London March 17th 2010

The special guest astronaut

Jameson Cult Film Club (JCFC) sure know how to match film with venue. One of the world’s most famous science institutions and one of the best sci-fi movies of the past decade proved apt bed-buddies. But before Duncan Jones’ ‘Moon’ started the vast queue outside were admitted and treated to the splendor of the Royal Institution , lovingly dressed in silver and green for the night. Lucky ticket holders had a difficult viewing decision to make, with Moon being screened in multiple locations: Inside a vintage picture frame in the bar, on flat screen TV’s in the extensive and somewhat eccentric library, and in the classic lecture theater, famed for the RI’s Christmas Lectures.

In the end I chose all three, but the majority of the movie deserved to watched in the grand old lecture theatre, adorned for night with some special one-off touches, including an actor dangling from the ceiling in full space suit attire and a Lunar Industries (the fictional company from the movie) sign framing the base of the big screen. Back in the entrance to the lecture theatre incoming ticket holders were greeted by a photo-op with Sam Rockwell’s spacesuit as well as two Sam Bells walking around in-character, seemingly oblivious to the rest of us. The wire suspended actor was deserving of particular props and was duly recognised with a round of applause when his feet finally touched the old wooden floor. With the spaceman safely on his way to the bar for some well deserved free whisky, the lights went down and audience members received a couple of unexpected gifts. First up a screening of fan-favourite-short Blake’s Junction 7, and even better a personal message from Moon’s very own in-character Tess Bell (Dominique McElligott), exclusively for JCFC viewers. Movie geek appreciation levels were getting high, time to start the movie.

The Royal Institution

Moving on from the lecture theatre it was time to experience Moon in the bar with a couple of free Jameson Irish Mules, before retiring to the library, and a large silver bean bag, for the movie’s conclusion. Watching great sci-fi in an ancient library stacked floor to ceiling with antique texts of learned science and discovery is quite the treat for any genre fan. Moon over, it was time for a little more whisky in the company of the great and the good from the world of online movie and horror blogs, industry folk, nerds, geeks, and fans. Not bad company at all to chew over the evening and the movie. All in all a fantastic event, film, and especially location, bringing to an end the JFCF 09-10 season.

You can keep an eye out for future JCFC screenings here

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One thought on “Whisky, Astronauts, and Silver Bean Bags: Jameson Cult Film Club ‘Moon’ Screening

  1. Emily Breen says:

    Great work, I love the corridor picture & I can’t believe I didn’t have the common to try out all three viewing locations!

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