William Forsythe takes a drive around John Gacy’s old hunting ground

A look at the up and comming ‘Dear Mr Gacy’ (2010)

William Forsythe as John Gacy in 'Dear Mr Gacy' (2010)

This year Jason Moss’ ‘The Last Victim‘ gets its cinema adaptation in Sevetozar Ristovski’s ‘Dear Mr Gacy‘. I’m excited about this film becasue i’ve found most Gacy movie and TV adaptations dissapointing to say the least (god knows what to expect from 2010s other Gacy movie ‘Dahmer vs Gacy’!). My interest was also perked by the casting of character actor extraordinaire William Forythe, who, if handled properly, has the menace to nail a John Gacy portrayal. Rather than an straight bio-pic this is going to approach Gacy during incarceration toying with the mind of a teenage admirer. I’m really hoping for a Hannibal / Starling type relationship. Click the link below for a video of William Forsythe taking a ride around one of Gacy’s old hunting grounds.

Actor William Forsythe at Gacy’s Old “Hunting” Grounds from Dear Mr. Gacy on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “William Forsythe takes a drive around John Gacy’s old hunting ground

  1. ford says:

    You don’t know what to expect from Dahmer vs Gacy? Expect a funny and absurd movie that is as crazy and maniacal as the title. You have just compared two movies that couldn’t be more different. You are teasins one that is a very serious and dead straight intense drama to a popcorn-eating, beer-chugging, laugh riot intended to spoof the entire genre of “VS.” movies. I can’t wait to see Dear Mr. Gacy. Looks like a great biopic!

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for posting! For a lot more info on the film, see the official web site: http://www.dearmrgacy.com.

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