Behind the Scene Photos from ‘Afterparty Massacre’

Deadly Movies Indie Scene | Afterparty Massacre (2010)

Scene from 'Afterparty Massacre'

The guys from Afterparty Massacre have released a photo blog giving us some behind the scenes glimpses into what appears to be a particularly bloody indie horror film. The photos feature a suspension performance which is pretty brutally visceral. Be warned! There’s also a sneak glimpse of one of movie’s flashback sequences featuring artwork by Eric Freeman, some of which looks very promising indeed. The movie, which will heavily feature metal performances, has a tentative May release date. You can check out the photo blog, and the rest of the site for that matter, here

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One thought on “Behind the Scene Photos from ‘Afterparty Massacre’

  1. Jon Kingsley says:

    Got a buddy in this flick! Awesome! Can’t wait to see the bands and the gore in this. Knowin’ my pal, it should be readily grotesque!

    Good luck guys! I sent this out on facebook to everybody that would dig it!

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