Deadly Movies has Moved!

Welcome to Deadly Movies New Home!

Deadly Movies has moved home

That’s right, Deadly Movies has moved from Blogspot to a sparkly new and improved home. All of the Deadly Movies back catalogue is here, including most of your comments. Some posts have been lost in the move, along with the kettle and toaster, and some look a little bit weird after the transition through cyber space. So if you’re a Deadly Movies regular everything is as it was. If you’re new to Deadly Movies then take a look around. All of the regular features have survived and you will find them down the left hand side, just click a thumbnail to access the likes of Reviews, Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of, Deadly Movies Icons, Do You Remember When? etc etc. You’ll also find a couple of new features including a designated contact page, an independent filmmakers page (still under construction), and of course a great new look.

Remember: If you have Deadly Movies bookmarked as please change to, the Blogspot site will be closed down on March 1st.

Many thanks for your ongoing support and I hope you like the new look.


One thought on “Deadly Movies has Moved!

  1. Britney says:

    I love the new look! 🙂

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