Do You Remember When..,

.., A Bear Decapitates a Horse in ‘Grizzly’ (1976)?

Arthur and his horse in 'Grizzly' (1976)

Ripe and ready to squeeze every buck from a post Jaws (1975) audience hungry for animals attack movies came Grizzly (1976), or has the producers would have you know it ‘Jaws with claws!’. Grizzly may lack the finese, fine cast, tension, skill, and craft of Jaws but it does have some hilariously camp kill sequences. This ‘Do You Remember When?’ series will dine out on this movie for many months to come. Anyway here’s a scene of utter verve and dexterity that needs to be seen to be believed.., a bear decapitating a horse. Matt Hooper rip-off Arthur Scott (played by Richard Jaeckel) is dragging an animal corpse through the woods in order to bait the killer bear.., to glorious results. In a feet of ineptitude that renders him one of the shittest ever ‘wildlife experts’, Arthur fails to see an eighteen foot bear rearing up in front of him in broad daylight and fairly open ground. Good work Arthur. Anyway the bear is in a playful mood, and rather than simply killing Arthur it decides to dick with him for a while. You know, slap him around a bit, insult his mother, steal his wallet, and decapitate his horse. It’s truly brilliant, the bear with one mighty bitch slap takes the horses head clean off. The mafia has nothing on this mother fucker. This is why I love creature features so much. Great scene, great (stupid) movie.

The horse doesn't take this southpaw so well

You know the horse didn't think this is how it would all end

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