The Return of Justin and Dr Mambo (in a sort of prequel)

Deadly Movies Cameos, Eli Roth in ‘2001 Maniacs’ (2005)

Eli Roth’s hitchhiking stoner ‘Justin’ pops up with his dog-for-life companion Dr Mambo for their second horror movie cameo in three years. Justin and Dr Mambo have somewhat of a cult online following after appearing in Roth’s Cabin Fever in 2005. This is a great little cameo that offers a same universe link between the two movies (Justin is hitching towards the woods where Cabin Fever takes place). Interestingly (if you’re a nerd) it also suggests that the events of 2001 Maniacs take place before that of Cabin Fever, with Justin learning is “face’ catchphrase from one of the college jocks that have just ran-over his armadillo. In-jokes aside, the cameo is also extremely funny, with Roth chewing the scenery, as well as actually chewing on armadillo pieces picked from the windscreen. I love the idea that Justin and Dr Manbo are out there somewhere in the horror world hitchhiking from one blood bath to the next. Hopefully they’ll have a fleeting appearance again somewhere again soon. Perhaps at a mall opening.

Cameo Timed at 6 minutes approximately


2 thoughts on “The Return of Justin and Dr Mambo (in a sort of prequel)

  1. I’m not going to lie. I am OBSESSED with that film. It’s absolutely terrible in the best way humanly possible and that cameo cracks me up EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  2. dawn says:

    its also amusing that not only are Dr. Mambo and Justin on their way to get some Cabin Fever but the cop from Cabin Fever is also in the Guts and Glory crowd. Sheesh, I pay to much attention to gross-out horror films hmmm?!!!!

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