New Clip from ‘Frozen’

First Glimpse of Kane Hodder

Deadly Movies has received this clip (clip 2 titled ‘Snow Plow Savior?) from Adam Green’s forthcoming film Frozen. I’m really looking forward to this. Green’s horror sensibilities, rooted in 80s slashers (as seen in his first feature ‘Hatchet‘ 2006), suggest that there may well be more misery than just cold weather and abandonment in store for these poor skiers. Best of all this clip teases us with a glimpse of slasher legend Kane Hodder as the snow plow driver. Is he just the driver? Is he a rescuer? Or s he a wrench wielding maniac hungry for man flesh? You just can’t help but think Hodder will shove a ski pole through someone’s eye at any time. However I think there are red herrings at work here. Frozen debuts at Sundance on January 24th and will be on general release from February 5th.


One thought on “New Clip from ‘Frozen’

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