Do you Remember When…,

.., Arnie Appeared in ‘Jurassic Park The Lost World’ (1997)?

Jurassic Park The Lost World is a thorn in my side. I love it and I hate it. I love the first third, and enjoy the middle, and I dislike the final third. The last third of JP2 largely grinds my gears because it is a unashamed rip-off of the grandaddy of monster movies King Kong (1933 – in fact the structure of the entire film owes a lot to KK). But there are some beautiful touches in JP2 that only the master Senor Spielbergo could deliver. One of which includes Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, and The Governor Arnold Scwarzenegger. When the the T-rex breaks free in San Diego it eats a dog, bashes up a bus, and destroys a Blockbuster video store. Keen eyed nerds (like me) would have been quick to notice the fake movie standees in the entrance to the Blockbuster store. Robin Williams is featured in ‘Jack and the Beanstalks’, Ton Hanks in ‘Tsunami Sunrise’ and best of all…, Arnold Sschwarzenegger in William Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear‘. Shakespeare’s King Lear starring Arnie? Brilliant! Blink and you’ll miss it.
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8 thoughts on “Do you Remember When…,

  1. Tim Butler says:

    I'd like to chase Spielberg around with a stick for that movie. Especially for Jeff Goldblume's annoying daughter. The only reason she's on that island is so she can do her stupid gymnastic routine in the raptor sequence. I heard somewhere that Spielberg directed the bulk of JP2 via internet from the set of "Schindler's list" or something. That true?

  2. DeadlyMovies says:

    Nah he was there, they shot a hell of a lot of that movie on location in Hawaii. You're spot on about the daughter my god was she irritating and that gymnast raptor scene is beyond convoluted.

  3. MrJeffery says:

    I haven't seen it in so long. But I remember thinking it was terrible in '97.

  4. The Film Connoisseur says:

    Reminds me of a similar in joke in Last Action Hero, where Arnie walks into a Blockbuster store and sees a poster for Terminator 2, but with Stallones face on it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hahaha, when I reached that part of the movie, I stopped the movie and searching for Arnold “King Lear” movie… how funny..

  6. I AM KHAN says:

    hahahah, when I reached that part, I stopped the movie and googling for Arnold “King Lear”. how funny is it.

  7. nehemia_Indonesia says:

    My favorite scene was when Eddie and Goldblum’s daughter were on the high hide and watching the moving trees caused by T Rex’s move. It was very cool yet stressful moment in JP2. (The darkness, rain and T Rex is perfect combination)… I can’t imagine if I was there on that situation. 😐
    I agree, the last third was lil bit boring..

    And, Yes! I googled “King Lear” too when I noticed it..hahaha

  8. nehemia_Indonesia says:

    There was an error in my first comment. 😐

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