Checking in Takashi Miike

Deadly Movies Cameo, Takashi Miike in Hostel (2006)

Japanese shock horror director and V-Cinema icon Takashi Miike is notorious for his ultra violent censorship pushing films (see Audition 1999 and Ichi The Killer 2001 for infamous examples). His aesthetic is an obvious progenitor for Eli Roth’s films and what better way to pay homage to your inspiration than a good-old self indulgent cameo (indulgent for Roth and us genre fans). As Jay Hernandez’s Paxton approaches the Bratislavan torture cell he passes a very satisfied customer who warns “Be careful.., You could spend ALL your money in there“. Speaking in fairly uncomfortable English the Japanese businessman is of course Takashi Miike. A great little cameo kept simple. It works as a nod to horror fans as well as offering a slightly darker connotation that Miike himself has been indulging in the bludgeoning arts that occur within.

Cameo timed at 52 minutes approximately


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