Do you Remember When..,

.., the guy playing ‘teenage’ Joe in Earth vs The Spider (1958) forgot to take his wedding ring off?

Sitting on the left ‘teenager’ Joe, complete with wrinkles, crows feet, and a five o’clock shadow
Ahh good old Earth vs The Spider (aka Earth vs The Giant Spider, and The Spider), a ultra low budget, yet surprisingly fun, Arkoff film. Yet giant spiders alone aren’t enough to entertain me, oh no. What I need from a good movie is realistic teen characters, played by men in their mid 30’s. Cue Troy Patterson, here playing class cool kid and leader of the school swing band, Joe. Born in New York in 1923 Troy was an obvious choice to play a high school teen in 1958, making him a spritely 35 at the time of filming. Zac Efron eat your sickeningly handsome heart out. Best of all one assumes 35 year-old Patterson was a happily married man given that he appears throughout the film with what looks suspiciously like a wedding ring on his left hand ring finger. They’d have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t have been for those pesky kids.

Teenager Joe proudly shows off his wedding ring to his fellow band members

2 thoughts on “Do you Remember When..,

  1. The Igloo Keeper... says:

    It's one of the things I love about 50s Sci-Fi so much. 'The Gang' of kids are all clearly in their mid to late 30s. good call though, I think Earth vs The Spider is one of the best examples. I seem to recall that The Giant Gila Monster may have had a few teenagers with wrinkles as well…

  2. Shonen King says:

    I love this movie. I let my kids see it for the first time this year for our month long Halloween movie fest this year. It's cool when your kids start requesting movies like Killer Shrews and Beginning of the End.

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