Rick’s Revenge

Deadly Movies Cameos | Rick Baker in King Kong (2005)

Back in 1976 Italian producer kingpin Dino De Laurentiis decided to ditch stop-motion in favour of man-in-suit in order to realise his dream of an updated 70s King Kong. The man charged to build the suit, and therein, face and facial movement would also end up wearing the suit and playing the horny ape. That man was makeup legend Rick Baker.., and he hated it. 29 years later Peter

Jackson invited Baker to New Zealand to take part in some King Kong nostalgia and, importantly, to shave off his beard and, along with Jackson, suit up in flyboy gear to cameo as the biplane pilot who shoots Kong down during the films infamous finale. Needles to say Baker reveled in the chance to shoot his former tormentor. Meaning that Baker occupies a rather unique niche in movie history; the only man to both play and kill King Kong. Now that’s something to tell the grandkids. And just in case you hadn’t seen it, here’s Rick posing like Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli (Left) during the makeup process of King Kong back in 1976Nice pair of lofa’s too.

3 thoughts on “Rick’s Revenge

  1. Derek O'Brien says:

    Ahh, that I didn't know. I thought the cameo was going to be about the great John Agar as the Mayor in the DeLaurentis Kong, but I like yours better 🙂

  2. Rogueevolent says:

    Woa! Me too (like Derek, I didn't know this)What a neat piece of Kongian triva.Thaksr/e

  3. DeadlyMovies says:

    I've actually got a piece planned on John Agar and King Kong. Watch this space…

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