Do you Remember When…,

.., Crispin Glover threw some outrageous shapes in ‘Friday the 13th Part 4, The Final Chapter’ (1984)?

I have, on more than one occasion, been known to describe Crispin Glover as madder than a bucket of horny toads on Madmas morning. And if you ever needed proof.., here it is. A very young Crispin Glover approaches one of the British ‘eye candy’ twins in F13 Part 4 and asks her to dance, followed by the creepy line “it’s good“. She accepts, and what follows defies both logic and sense. Whilst 80s stadium rock tune ‘Love is a Lie’ by Lion blasts out from the gramophone, Glover performs some kind of totally bonkers dance routine that resembles something akin to an acid induced workout routine or a vertical epileptic fit. Either way it’s truly, truly barmy. You get the feeling that the look of bemusement and hilarity on the face of the rest of the cast is pretty genuine and didn’t require years of methodist training. But you’ve got to love it, only Glover could make an otherwise bland 80s teen victim into a pirouetting Tasmanian Devil. Awesome.

4 thoughts on “Do you Remember When…,

  1. Gore-Gore Girl says:

    I believe Mr. Glover is the eye candy of this particular movie. Mm-mmm.

  2. Melanie's Randomness says:

    OMG OMG YES!!! I REMEMBER!!! This is the funniest scene ever with him doing the spaz dance!! A friend of mine is obsessed with back to the future so he showed me this movie to make me laugh. Great post!

  3. […] there are many other cool moments in the Friday franchise, you can see some others here, like Crispin Clover does his wacky dance or Bernie from ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ makes his Friday debut. Sweet memories. Happy […]

  4. Craig says:

    Glover is not human. i have come to realize this. lol. great post! i had almost forgot how awesome he was ib part 4.

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