My Pumpkin!

Here it is as promised, my Jack’O Lantern. Hopefully you can tell which horror movie icon I’ve tried to depict in pumpkin form?

Deadly Movies Very Own Jason Voorhees Pumpkin

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8 thoughts on “My Pumpkin!

  1. Gore-Gore Girl says:

    Jason as depicted by South Park? Very nice!

  2. The Horror Press says:

    Love the Jason Jack 'O Lantern I just send someone to buy me a pumpkin so I can carve it lol

  3. Jenn says:

    Ooh, so nice. Had this idea ourselves, but are way to lazy to execute.

  4. HeartNiki says:

    Very cool!

  5. HeartNiki says:


  6. […] Deadly Movies truly doffs its hat to these Halloween works of art. And you can see my effort here. Go on judge me! 1 Comment 1 Comment so far Leave a […]

  7. My Jason Mask pumpkin since the other links are no longer good:

    I only looked at the mask, I did not use any templates.

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