Deadly Movies Halloween Special

Deadly Movies pays homage to one of horror’s finest moments, the film that shares its name with our favourite day of the year, it is of course Halloween (1979). Below you’ll find links to every article Deadly Movies has ever covered on the subject of the Halloween franchise; the films, the director, the characters, and the actors. Immerse yourself in some Halloween greatness:

The Top 5 films of the Halloween Franchise

The case for Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 (2009)

Michael vs Jason vs Freddy: Who’s the daddy?

See anything you like? Presenting PJ Soles

The Disciples of JC: A look at John Carpenters closest cohorts

Dr Sam Loomis, the Number 1 Boogeyman nemesis

Halloween’s TV Burp: Ever wondered what films are being watched by the residents of Haddonfield?

Keeping up with The Lommis’: A look at Horror’s most infamous family

Deadly Movie Connections: Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee


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