Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #3

Sorority Babes in The Slimeball Bowl-o-rama (1988), Dir David DeCoteau

Wow, with a capital W for wboobies (the w is silent). Get some sorority chicks, get the sorority chicks to be played by famed 80s exploitation hotness, get some whipped cream and some wooden paddles, get a bowl-o-rama, the ladies locker room, and throw in the old monkey paw gimmick and you get this 80’s b-movie flesh fest. It’s every teenage boy’s fantasy, a kind of Weird Science for horror nerds. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you. Deadly Movies certainly doesn’t poo-poo a film that unashamedly sets out to achieve nothing other than a bit’o boobies and a bit’o horror.

So step forward and own up, who remembers this? I’m looking at you if you were 14 in 1988!

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7 thoughts on “Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #3

  1. Derek O'Brien says:

    Wel, I was 22 in 1988, on a lonely Air Force base in Montana, suffering from culture shock after growing up in New York City. I remember it sitting in the appallingly-small VHS rental collection in the base's PX shop, and I do remember something about an imp trapped in a bowling trophy? Precious little else; am I going to have to search for it now? And what else are you going to seemingly dredge up from my disgraceful viewing past? 😀

  2. Gore-Gore Girl says:

    I was 7 years old in 1988, but I was 13 when I took my second trip to America with my mum, stayed in a motel, watched this movie with my brother on cable while my mum was asleep, spent the next four years trying to figure out what it was (failed, but for some reason thought it must be called Demons, and hence rented Demons – not the same movie, turns out), wrote to Empire magazine at 18-yrs old describing the plot and asking for an ID, got my letter printed with an answer, bought the movie, invented a drinking game around it, and now have it sitting on my shelf, knowing that it provided me with technically my first publication. Needless to say, I fucking *LOVE* this movie.

  3. Igor says:

    Ah, Linnea Quigley. Best known for her quite frequently naked role in Return of the Living Dead, a personal favorite. And I was 16 in 1988. Gremlins and bowling allies do mix. Who knew?

  4. David says:

    I FREAKING LOVE this movie! The imp is freaking hilarious and it has my two favorite scream queens of all time: Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer. I wore the tape out on the VHS of this and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. Great stuff!

  5. The Film Connoisseur says:

    I was 13 when this came out, but never saw it cause my religious parents wouldnt let me! I guess its time for revenge! Im searching this oldy out!

  6. I remember watching this in the late 80’s on video under the title “The Imp”. My Aussie flatmates rented it if memory serves me right and I must admit that I wasn’t too keen on this one. A bit too knowing for my liking and I got REALLY bored way before the end!

  7. Al Bruno III says:

    As a lad with a long running Michelle Bauer fetish your damn right I saw this one!

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