Jack’o Expert’o

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Carving your Halloween Jack is one of the highlights of Halloween. There’s something about the time and effort that really gets you in the mood for some horror and partying in equal measures. Now I consider myself a bit of a Jack’o Lantern carver expert’o, but nothing I’ve ever done can compare to the imagination and genius of these badboys:

Predator Jack: You truly are one beautiful mother fucker
Frankenjack: Classic Karloff

Jack Jack: Heeeeere’s Jack’o (this looks too good to be real)

Ghost Face Jack: Simple yet elegant

Jack Attack: Nice pumpkin. We’ll take it.
Disclaimer: Sorry for not referencing the origin of these images, given the nature of the web it’s almost impossible to find the original source sites or authors. But rest assured Deadly Movies truly doffs its hat to these Halloween works of art. And you can see my effort here. Go on judge me!


One thought on “Jack’o Expert’o

  1. Rogueevolent says:

    Great Jack-O-Lanterns (I especially like the Predator one) and great blog DM. I'm glad I found it. I really like the obscure and E (two 'letter/steps' removed from even "B" movies 🙂 ) movies you showcase.best,r/e

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