It’s not just Mrs Bates being kept alive by Norman

Deadly Movies Cameos | Alfred Hitchcock in Psycho 2 (1983)

Can it be true? A Hitch cameo in the 1983 sequel to his 1960 seminal classic Psycho? Granted the great man passed away back in 1980, three years prior to the release of Psycho 2. Love it, or hate it (I’m quite fond of it), you have to give props to director Richard Franklin for a loving homage to Hitchcock that works on so many levels. Take a closer look at the picture above. On the right-hand-side wall you can clearly make out the famous Hitchcock profile silhouette. The Hitchcock silhouette was made famous by the intro to his TV show ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents‘ and his subsequent silhouette signature. Within the context of the Psycho legacy, what better place to feature Hitch than in the mysterious bedroom of Mrs Bates, the room that held viewers in such suspense and intrigue back in 1960. As Norman and Mary enter mother’s room for the first time in the film (and the first time for viewers in 23 years) the ambient evening twilight casts Hitchcock’s infamous silhouette against the worn-out old wallpaper for a fleeting moment before disappearing when the lights come on. I think Hitch would have enjoyed the morbid humor of keeping mother company ‘up there’ in that evilest of movie bedrooms.

Cameo timed at 22mins and 35secs

One thought on “It’s not just Mrs Bates being kept alive by Norman

  1. Tim Butler says:

    Wow, it's been so long since I saw it but I remember Psycho 2 having some pretty effective scenes. Dennis franz's demise and that shovel hit at the end scared the crap out of my sister. Also, Meg Tilly. Roowwrr!

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