Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #2

Beast from Haunted Cave (1959), Dir Monte Hellman

One from my personal collection, and a personal exploitation favorite. If awards were handed out for totally bizarre and bonkers plot setups then this would be a front runner, a shoe-in, a dead cert. Without a trace of irony the plot involves a group of bank robbers who rob a mining office of a ski resort town. To achieve this feet of daring decadence they set off a bomb in a mountain cave to distract the locals. Of course exploding caves are top of the list when it comes to known en-mass distractions. Making their get away on cross country skis (SKIS!) with the help of local mountain-man stud (Gill) they plan to cross the border to Canada and therein safety. Yay. Sadly the explosion really pissed of a spidery, ghouly, tentacley thing that follows the intrepid absconders to Gill’s mountaintop lodge for some blood lust. And therein is your amazingly far fetched setup concept for another cheapo monster film from the factory of Roger Corman. Silly, stupid, and totally enjoyable nonsense.
So let’s see a show of hands, anyone heard of it?

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