Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #1

The Navy vs. The Night Monsters (1966), Dir Michael Hoey

Operation Deep Freeze uncovers more than it bargained for when acid secreting plants are discovered in the Antarctic. The nocturnal carnivorous flora are unleashed upon an unsuspecting South Pacific US Navy base with.., Terrifying Consequences! 60s pin-up, the very hot, Mamie Von Doren causes sexual tension amongst the testosterone filled men, or as the trailer puts it; ‘triggers earthly emotions in the midst of unearthly events’. Meanwhile the wobbly, not particularly menacing, rubbery plants squirt some acid about the place and rip the odd arm off unsuspecting sailors.
Heard of it? Let me know, go on show off.

4 thoughts on “Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #1

  1. Derek O'Brien says:

    I remember it – especially one scene near the beginning, when they were transporting the plants by plane, and they became ambulatory (though we didn't see them at the time, I don't think), and the pilot took one look at them, and bailed out in mid-air. Which I'm sure was meant to be frightening, but which made me laugh back then. Probably do now. Mmm, think I'd better locate this again.

  2. Tim Butler says:

    I remember staying over at my cousin's house and this was the late late movie. The scene where the plant rips the guy's arm off was pretty damn scary back then.

  3. Derek O'Brien says:

    Been watching this again, and it's been surprisingly effective in places. One thing that struck me is the character of the civilian meteorologist, who panics at the beginning but then pulls himself together as the crisis grows, and even positively contributes! It seems almost… realistic…

  4. DeadlyMovies says:


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