Do you Remember When..,

.., The insane speedboat woman covers herself in petrol in ‘Jaws 2’ (1978)?

Demonstrating a truly whacky approach to wilderness survival that would distinctly unimpress Bear Grylls, a crazy and clearly mentally deranged lady speedboat driver shows how not to deal with a shark attack, in Jaws 2. Driving about the sunlit shores of Amity Island, said Loony Toon is attacked by our second favorite great white shark shortly after her waterskiing companion has become Phish Food. When the shark bursts through the side of her none-more-70s wooden boat she makes the incomprehensible survival choice of dousing herself in petrol and letting off a flare gun. She really isn’t helping the negative perception of women drivers. Now presumably the plan was to set fire to the shark (that’s quite some plan). But how on earth that petrol canister came to be upside-down above her head is anyone’s guess. This act of immense stupidity is only bettered by realising one is covered in petrol and letting off a flare gun regardless! A truly barmy plan that out-whackies anything Hannibal from the A-Team could’ve ever devised. Inevitably, if you haven’t already guessed, the picture below illustrates what happens when you cover yourself, and your boat, in petrol and set off an emergency flare. One wonders if her answer to a bear attack would be the old cigarette in the fireworks factory routine?


One thought on “Do you Remember When..,

  1. Derek O'Brien says:

    I don't remember that – but then I think I fell asleep watching it, and that was back in the Betamax days. My first taste of the disappointment of the Sequel, maybe?

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