31 Days of Halloween, Day 17

Six Essential Films For Halloween

With Halloween pending it’s time to raid video stores and Amazon to ensure you have your film marathon ready. With this in mind Deadly Movies has complied a list of six essential films that travel far and wide across the main horror genres of Slasher, Creature, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Zombie, and the plain old Lunatic. Now I fully understand that people have differing levels of horror expertise, so I’ve tried to cater for everyone’s needs, from the complete horror novice to the internet fanboy.

Basics (horror beginners): Six films for those of you just beginning your horror journey. These are, for my money, the essential films of the genre, the films you’ll need to be familiar with to hold your own in any horror conversation.

Slasher – Halloween (1978), Creature – Jaws (1975), Sci-Fi – Alien (1979), Paranormal – The Exorcist (1973), Zombie – Dawn of the Dead (1978), Lunatic – Psycho (1960).

Next Steps (horror intermediates): Six films for those of you who are familiar with the classics but are yet to delve into the peripheries, home of the oldies but goodies, the genre pieces, the homage films, and the odd gem forgotten by the mainstream.

Slasher – The Burning (1981), Creature – King Kong (1933), Sci-Fi – Event Horizon (1997), Paranormal – Rosemary’s Baby (1968), Zombie – Zombie 2 (1979), Lunatic – Black Christmas (1974).

Deep Cuts (horror connoisseur): Six films for those of you who really know your stuff. No doubt this is where debate and controversy come out to play. Here you’ll find genre films and B-movies only loved by the fanbase, unknown to Joe public, and pride of the bargain bin.

Slasher – Stagefright (1987), Creature – Tarantula (1955), Sci-Fi – Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988), Paranormal – Session 9 (2001), Zombie – Braindead (1992), Lunatic – Visiting Hours (1982).

Disagree or agree? Let me know

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One thought on “31 Days of Halloween, Day 17

  1. Spidey_zombie says:

    OK here goes, Beginner -totally agree with all your choicesIntermediates – totally agree with your choices, like the fact you chose Event Horizon does not get enough credConnoisseur – here is where I disagree,just with the lunatic, Visitng Hours is a poor poor movie, come on a connoisseur movie with William Shatner.Otherwise great choices, like how you think

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