31 Days of Halloween, Day 15

Recession costumes: How to be Jason or Leatherface on a budget (aka my two best homemade Halloween costumes)

Take a deep breath everyone we’re at the countdown to Halloween halfway point. Now seeming that there is only two weeks to go until the most important party night of the year, I thought now would be a good time to do a horror movie costume post. I know many of you out there will have your costume sorted, so this is for the people who are either still deciding or those whose lack of costume ideas is keeping them up at night. First off let me say this, I’m a firm believer in homemade costumes, or at the very least refraining from buying those awful looking all inclusive costumes you can get hold of. For attention to detail; you’ve got to go DIY. My two best efforts to date are Jason Voorhees circa Freddy vs Jason (2003) and Leatherface circa The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) remake . And now I’m about to let you in on how I created these masterpieces (masterpiece to my eyes may be total pile of papola to yours).

For Jason Voorhees you will need: A F13 replica hockey mask (which you can buy on ebay or make yourself using a real hockey mask and some paint), one Halloween dark blue/purple zombie mask, one gray jacket, one blue jumper, one black tshirt, one pair of dark blue/grey trousers, one thin balaclava (dark blue or black), and one pair of black boots. To accessorise you will need one (preferably toy/replica) machete, fake blood, and a lot of matches.

I wish I had a better photo of this effort, Jason drank a lot that night

Here’s the method: You will need to prep this for at least 48 hours. Dress up in the outfit (without mask) and hit the dirt. You’ll need to get covered in mud and grass stains, just get filthy and leave to dry. You want to make the clothes look as weathered as possible. Then hang somewhere outside where you can splatter in blood. Jason is a busy killer, he get’s coated in a lot of the red stuff. Again leave to dry. Then comes the fun part.

To achieve that really worn, filthy, dirty look, you’ll need to set fire to strategic parts of the outfit (the sleeves, the lining, the joins etc) and then quick put out before the whole thing goes up in flames. Naturally DON’T DO THIS WHILE WEARING AND KIDS GET AN ADULT TO IT! This will give you awesome brown burn marks everywhere. Don’t burn any holes in the t-shirt, this will be your final layer, you don’t want anyone seeing you’re human skin. Remember this guy lives rough in the woods, he looks like crap. Finally put the outfit on, the holes in the jacket and jumper will give you a great layered effect. Finally put on balaclava to cover your head and hair, followed by the zombie mask (to reveal Jason’s real face when you life the hockey mask), followed by the iconic hockey mask. I’d go for a think pair of dark gloves rather than painting your hands, it will only rub off from holding cans of beer all night.

Leather face is much the same, you’ll need the following: A replica TCM mask (or make your own out of petrified skin – jokes), an old tatty beige jumper, a short sleeve light coloured shirt, a skinny black tie, navy blue trousers, some dark brown cloth, some leather lacing, a white apron, a pair of fingerless gloves, and some black boots.

The Method: Much as the Jason method, you need to get messy. Burning holes in the apron, trousers, and jumper helps this. Also be liberal with the blood, he is a butcher of men after all. You’ll need to cut the arms off the jumper just above the elbow. Then put the shirt on over the top and put the tie on. Next up you’ll need to wrap the brown cloth around your forearms, securing in place with the leather chord, this gives the appearance of the arm protectors Leatherface wears. Next up cover the apron in bloody handprints and slip it over the top of your shirt. All that’s left is the to put on the mask and don’t forget to blacken around your eyes for extra loss of humanity. For extra effect put some wonky fake teeth in to pop out through the mouth hole and carry about a replica chainsaw. For the love of god please use a replica. If you drink anything like the quantity of booze that I do on Halloween, a fully working chainsaw is such a bad idea.

So that’s that. The main thing to remember is this: Source all of the clothes from a charity shop/dump/outlet (so that you can wreck them and keep cost to a minimal) and spend plenty of time making them look old, worn, and filthy.

For Day 16 of our 31 Days of Halloween head over to my good buddy The Paradise of Horror tomorrow


One thought on “31 Days of Halloween, Day 15

  1. Spidey_zombie says:

    Those are awesome costumes, love the pics and instructions.

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