31 Days of Halloween, Day 11

Cook ‘real’ Monkey Brains at your Halloween Party

Halloween parties are so important, first and foremost you have to nail the costume, then it’s the decorations, the proper selection of movies and music, and plenty of booze. But what about the food? No doubt there will be nibbles and a midnight pizza order, but here at DeadlyMovies we like to try and serve something for people to remember…, Monkey Brain á la Temple of Doom.
Ok so you can’t, and shouldn’t use actual monkey brains (that would likely break many many exotic animal import laws) so sheep or pig brains will suffice. Now it’s unlikely you’ll get brains at a standard mainstream food outlet, so you’re going to have to head to your local butcher/delhi/meat market. It’s best to ask the seller to remove the veins and membrane for you. I’d advise sheep brains over pig, apparently pig brains can expel some sort of poisonous gas!? Not a good way for your party to be remembered, unless they happen to be hallucinogenic gasses which could be humorous. This gas thing may or may not be true but let’s edge on the side of caution shall we?
So now we have our brain(s), the cooking can commence. You have two options here, boiling and frying. Boiling, it seems, is fairly easy, just boil in salted water for 5 minutes and that’s that. You can then cube it and use in a curry of some kind should the fancy take you. Personally i’d go for frying, this way you can keep the famous brain profile shape. You’ll need to chop in half lengthways down the middle (one half per person), coat lightly in flour, salt, and pepper and then fry on a very high temperature for a few minutes on each side. I’d serve your half brains on some lettuce with a squeeze of lemon.., nice. Now, for effect, you will need to purchase some plastic monkey heads to serve them in. To keep it jovial and not to freak anyone out may I suggest these bad boys?!
This may come as a surprise but DeadlyMovies isn’t a professional source for food preparation or cooking information, so I take no responsibility for a mass food poisoning, or hallucinogenic gas, outbreak on October 31st.


One thought on “31 Days of Halloween, Day 11

  1. Jenn says:

    There's a diner here in town that serves brains, although not being a huge meat eater in general, I've never had the gut, so to speak, to order them, BUT, I relish the fact that they do have them on the menu and some brave souls order them. Ew, indeed, but I guess to each his own.I love that scene in INDIANA JONES and while it's not necessarily a horror flick, Snake Surprise is a pretty horrible dish.. Rock on and thanks for following over at the Cavalcade!

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