Top 5 Deadly Movies Boob Shots

Boobs (or boobies) have become a staple of the horror genre since the heyday of the 70s and 80s, especially given the genres obsession with sexually promiscuous ‘teens’ (I say ‘teens’ but in reality of course they’re usually actors and actresses in their 20s & 30s). Now let’s get something straight from the off, this is just a bit of fun, not some kind of chauvinist or bigoted indulgence in topless females. Hey, there’s a lot of naked dudes in these films too, it’s just that boobs have become somewhat of a convention. So be warned, there are five sets of breasts below, so if you’re offended by such material please stop here. Then again if you’re offended by such materiel why are you reading a horror blog?
5) Tina in Friday the 13th Part 5: A new Beginning (1985): This makes it in only because of the name of the actress, Debi Sue Voorhees. Like Nancy Loomis before her in Halloween (1978) the actress bares the same surname as one of the protagonists, in this case of course, Jason Voorhees (and before you say “Jason isn’t in part 5″ .., he is, technically, at the end in a hallucination type thing).

4) Sally in The Burning (1981): You can’t do much better than Carrick Glen when it comes to hot 80s slasher girls. Sadly, Carrick only appeared in a further two movies after her debut in The Burning (including a second slaher film ‘Girls Night Out‘ 1984). This is a great example of shameless breasts shots, and as with all great shamless breasts shots it’s in the shower. This serves no pupose whatsoever apart from indulging teenage boys in the awesomeness that is Carrick Glen.

3) Three-Boobed prostitute in Total Recall (1990): Deadly Movies does sci-fi too you know! No justification needed, the lady has three boobs…, THREE BOOBS! Now this is what happens when you move to mars; you get mutated and you’re born with extra naughty pillows. Seeming that one dude had a liver on his face and another had some kind of midget in his stomach, three boobs ain’t so bad. Presumably that marks the end of front fastening bras?

2) All the boobs in Friday The 13th (2009): Now I know it’s a remake and I know some of you think these remakes are sacrilege, but i thought the F13 remake was ok fun. And it’s full of boobs; boobs with baby oil, boob in a tent, boobs on waterskis, and those ‘tremendous’ (as Trent puts it) boobs belonging to Bree (Julianna Guill – below). You have to love how this film doesn’t pretend to be anything that what it is and isn’t shy about cramming genre conventions into the script as blatantly as possible.

1) Lynda in Halloween (1978): It just has to be. That immortal line delivered with aplomb ‘See anything you like?‘. Genius. The awesome PJ Soles plays Lynda just right, making her both sexually independent and sympathetic.., Not easy. Asking that highly provocative question and flashing her rack to Michael Myers (in lols bed sheet disguise) is all-in-one hilarious and terrifying, and you just know he doesn’t see the funny side of it. Whether intentionally or not (Carpenter says not), Halloween’s mix of sex and violence set the tone for the coming decade of slasher films. So never underestimate the importance of PJ Soles boobies.

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Deadly Movies Boob Shots

  1. Derek O'Brien says:

    Thank you for this :-)Damn it, I know I'm (only?) in my forties, but I can still rant like an old codger about how breasts were so much better when they looked real, than when it became mandatory for every woman in front of the camera to get implants like they were the Mark of the Beast.And don't get me started about the lack of shots from below the waist in today's horror…

  2. DeadlyMovies says:

    Amen to that

  3. Here’s another Amen to that!

  4. Theresa says:

    Linnea Quigley, Jamie Lee Curtis are missing, grave tragedy 😦

  5. Walter says:

    Nice boobies, good boobies

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