31 Days of Halloween, Day 3.

Impress your friends with some REAL serial killer knowledge

Now let’s get one thing straight, Deadly Movies loves horror films because they provide a safe environment for us to enjoy the thrill of getting scared. Now obviously there are some whack jobs out there that carry out some pretty dark acts for real, and while we certainly don’t condone such acts the psychology and knowledge of real life crime is fascinating. What’s of real interest to us film geeks is how these real life murderers would inspire writers to create some of Hollywood’s most notorious fictional bogeymen. So when you’re at the bar this Halloween spouting your endless horror movie knowledge, here’s a little bit of ‘real life serial killers for idiots’ to impress your friends.

Ed Gein’s (centre left) crimes inspired decades of horror

Jeffery Dahmer: Fascination with dead animals as a child, alcohol addiction, sexual crimes, time in counselling and prison, serial killer of young men, dismemberment, and a penchant for keeping trophy parts in the fridge.

Movie inspirations: Rob Zombie’s young Michael Myers in Halloween (2007), Hannibal Lector.

Ted Bundy: Serial killer of young attractive women, victims always had long dark hair and a centre parting, faked an arm injury to lure women into helping him lift something into a car. Bundy seemed to be a model citizen, was a highly intelligent man and law student. Escaped from custody and prison.

Movie inspirations: Buffalo Bill (silence of the Lambs), Hannibal Lector, Norman Bates.

John Wayne Gacy – The Killer Clown: Physically beaten by his father, but was very close to his mother, worked in a mortuary, had a wife and child and was widely respected in the community. When his father died Gacy moved in with his mother following a short prison sentence. Gacy tortured his victims bound by handcuffs and buried the bodies under his house. Also dressed as a clown for children’s parties.

Movie inspirations: Norman Bates, movie serial killers who wear masks and makeup.

Edmund Kemper: Killed animals as a child, raised by his mother without his father, shot and killed his grandparents, grew incredibly tall to 6’ 9”. Killed young female hitchhikers, murdered his mother, and dismembered bodies.

Movie Inspirations: Norman Bates, Jason Voorhees, John Ryder (the Hitcher 1986), almost any film where the killer preys on hitchhikers or back packers e.g. Mick Taylor (Wolf Creek).

Ed Gein: Abused by his mother, suspected of killing his siblings, lived alone with his mother who he described as his only friend and true love. Gein also robbed graves and made furniture and ornaments out of body parts.

Movie Inspirations: Norman Bates, Buffalo Bill, Michael Myers, Leatherface and his family.

Day 4 of our 31 days comes to you tomorrow from The Paradise of Horror (click here)


One thought on “31 Days of Halloween, Day 3.

  1. Rev. L. Don Campbell, II, KSC says:

    Kemper actually turned himself in after killing his mother and her best friend. He drove out of town and called the police and admitted to what he did. They at first thought he was joking.Also of note is Gary Heidnik. He's the third link in the Buffalo Bill chain. He kept women chained up in a pit in his basement and did horrible things to them, not the least of which was feeding the dead ones to the ones still alive. Supposedly one defense he offered was that the women were there when he moved in. Which would have to be the weirdest feature of any house ever.

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