Presenting P.J. Soles

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Back in the 80s a very foxy and feisty P. J. Soles was the pinup for a lot of teenage guys, and teenage guys since. Many people probably don’t know that Soles was born in Germany and was once married to Dennis Quaid…, good pub trivia that. Her role as Laurie’s best friend; the pot smoking, beer drinking, sexually active Lynda in Halloween (1978) has cemented her place as an icon amongst horror fans. Many a man will remeber the line ‘see anything you like?’, you know what i’m talking about. Today she appears in character roles in the genre she is loved for, such as The Devils Rejects (2005), The Tooth Fairy (2006), and Alone in the Dark 2 (2008), but it’s PJ’s rememberable roles from her 70s and 80s heyday that cement her as a Deadly Movies icon:

Carrie (1976):PJ vs. old dirty pillows in pig blood Carrie White.
The Possessed (1977): PJ (at an all girls school.., nice) vs. satanic forces.
Halloween (1978): PJ is like totally versus Michael Myers.
Innocent Prey (1984):PJ vs. prostitute murdering ex husband
B.O.R.N (1988): PJ vs. deranged DIY organ surgeon


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