Do You Remember When…,

Random Al Capone lookalike appears in court in Ghostbusters 2 (1989).

Pink mood slime is collecting beneath the streets, a 17th Century Moldavian tyrant is inhabiting a portrait in the Manhattan Museum, the end of the world is nigh, the Ghostbusters find themselves in court for the destruction of a public highway, and Al Capone has bent the space-time continuum. While Pete Venkman gets grilled on the stand a very strange onlooker can be seen sitting in the public seating area awaiting trial. Hands shackled, cuffed to other prisoners, and accompanied by a cop or two, the man appears to be a mobster from the 1920s, complete with sharp suit and trilby. How on earth this chap found himself in 1989 is anyone’s guess. He also seems to be enjoying Dr Venkman’s famous dry wit, having a good old chuckle at his flippant remarks. His jovial mood (given that he is about to go in front of the judge), is likely due to the fact that he has clearly mastered the art of time travel and can leave 1989 just as spontaneously as he arrived. Whether the product of a Reitman/Aykroyd/Ramis in-joke or just an incredibly barmy wardrobe choice from a costume designer on acid, we may never know why the hell he’s there.

One thought on “Do You Remember When…,

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