Presenting Nestor Paiva (1905 -1966)

Deadly Movie | Icons

Nestor Paiva, character actor extraordinaire. His Portuguese lineage and knack for ‘accents’ meant that Hollywood saw good reason to cast him as anything from Native American to Greek, and from Russian to Mexican. If the casting call read ‘must me non white and good with funny accents‘ Nestor was there. He had a vast film and TV career (281 titles in all) and worked closely with other Deadly Movie icons John Agar and director Jack Arnold. As always here’s Deadly Movies favourite Nestor Paiva appearances:

Mighty Joe Young (1949):
Part 3 of the so-called Shoedsack and Cooper King Kong trilogy. Nestor vs. an overgrown Gorilla.

Killer Ape (1953): Nestor vs. a sort of drug fuelled man-ape who’s running amuck in the jungle.

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954): Nestor is the fairly barmy cigar chugging Captain Lucas in this Jack Arnold classic. Nestor vs. The Gill-Man.

Revenge of the Creature (1955): Nestor’s back as Captain Lucas taking more man meat down the river for you-know-who, who isn’t dead after all. Nestor vs. The Gill-Man round 2.

Tarantual (1955): Nestor’s third creature feature by Jack Arnold and second alongside leading man John Agar. Nestor vs. giant spider.

The Mole People (1956): Nestor has John Agar’s back once again, this time in subterranean action. Nestor vs. Hans Moleman.

The Mandmen of Mandoras (1963): On the island of Mandoras Nazi’s are planning to take over the world as commanded by…, The living head of Adolf Hitler! Brilliant. Nestor vs. Hitler severed head.


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