A Brucey Bonus

Deadly Movies Cameos: Bruce Campbell in Darkman (1990), Dir Sam Raimi
Quick history lesson: Bruce Campbell met director Sam Raimi at High School,working on Super-8 movies together. They would go on to star in and direct The Evil Dead (1981) respectively. Now since the end of the Evil Dead trilogy Raimi has had a penchant for casting Cambell in (increasingly elaborate) cameo roles. Campbell in the meantime has gone on to become somewhat of a b-movie icon, his cameo appearances serving to enhance this status. For my money the best of these, the more subtle and clever, is his appearance at the very end of Darkman where he appears as one of the many rubber masked faces of the permanently scarred Darkman (Liam Neeson), billed ‘Final Shemp’. It’s a great scene whereby Darkman disappears into the morning commute, blending in amongst the black suits and trench-coats he turns for one last look at his former lover (Francis McDormand), evading identification in one of his many life-like rubber masks. The rubber mask is of course Bruce Campbell. Genius.

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