Bill Paxton vs Lance Henriksen…, vs Alien vs Predator vs Terminator

Deadly Movie Connections: Bill Paxton and Lance Henriksen

Only two men alive have faced off against three of horror sci-fi’s greatest monsters, the Alien, the Predator, and the Terminator; Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton. Now both men are Deadly Movie legends (Henriksen is more than qualified for Deadly Movie icon status), they have been there done that, bought the tshirt and shot the shit out of the tshirt for looking at them the wrong way. But it’s their appearance in these seminal movies, waging war on these iconic foes, that warrants a good hat doffing.
In the Red Corner Bill Paxton: Paxton squared up against the Terminator early in his career and early in the film, in the pivotal role of blue haired ‘Punk Leader’. Paxton makes the slight mistake of saying “fuck you” to Arnie. He survives but does get his ass handed to him. In Aliens Paxton really steps up to the plate as marine-meat-head Private Hudson. Hudson is word-smith of Shakespearian proportions, with musings such as “stop your grinn’n and drop your linen”, “game over man game over”, “Fuckin’A”, and “express elevator to hell, going down”. But even his intellectual ramblings and super big machine gun can’t save him from a brutal death at the hands of the Alien. Predator 2 sees Paxton basically reprising Hudson in the guise of Police detective Lambert. In an equally impressive blaze of glory exit Paxton is again disposed of, but not before he manages to unleash a round or thirty.
And in the Blue Corner Lance Henriksen: Henriksen’s Detective Hal Vukovich has a damn good go at The Terminator, unleashing a monstrous semi automatic shotgun in heroic fashion but alas to no avail. Hasta La Vista Baby. In Aliens Henriksen shares screen time with Paxton but, as the much less colourful droid Bishop, Henriksen does little in the way of gun slinging. He does however get rather tastily ripped in half by the Queen. Henriksen would have to wait almost 20 years to face of against a Predator in 2004s Alien vs Predator where his Charles Bishop Wayland would put up a bit of limp fight against the beefcake-young-jock-Predators, going down with a whimper.
Your Winner.., Bill Paxton: Unlike Henriksen, Paxto appears in three individual films across the three franchises, no crappy ‘vs’ crossovers for him. Plus he may go down, but he goes down finger firmly clutching trigger. Game over man, game over!

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