Presenting Christopher George (1929 – 1983)

Deadly Movie Icons

Christopher George is a bit of a chiselled B-movie and TV legend, often deployed in the gruff detective, sheriff, doctor type role. Under the banner of B-movies and cult TV you could list almost his entire CV; but here at Deadly Movies we like to pay homage to his epic contribution to creature features, horror, and sci-fi:

Project X (1968): William Castle (legend) movie about a cryogenically defrosted Christopher George.

Grizzly (1976): George vs. a bear (nice)

Day of the Animals (1977): George vs. ALL the animals (sweet)

Cruise into Terror (1978): George and other cruise passengers find some Egyptian relics that somehow for some reason summon Satan. (Get-in)

City of the Living Dead (1980): George vs Fulci Zombies and the gate of Hell

The Exterminator (1980): George investigates flame throwing vigilante (Pow!)

Mortuary (1983): George and his son (Bill Paxton?!! Awesome) work in a mortuary and attempt to bring back spirits of the dead (shit the bed yes!)

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