From Goopy Sores to Bloody Saws

Deadly Movie Connections: Shawnee Smith

Back in 1988 Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (1987) director Chuck Russell took the helm for a Reganist revision of the 1958 sci-fi classic The Blob. Apart from being decent horror fun and arming males all over the world with jokes based on female freshness, The Blob also serves as a lesser know launch pad for an actress who would come to dominate the genre in the 2000s as the screen’s leading villainess.

Look carefully at angelic teen Meg (Shawnee Smith) who spends the entire film running in terror with Matt Dillon’s little brother in tow. She’s the girl from next door, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, and she’s never heard of sex before because boys smell. Safe to say she survives the attack of cinema’s least scary pissed off invertebrate. However in a movie switcheroo of Kansas City Shuffle proportions, Miss Young Artist Award Nominee 1989 would not carve out a Jaime Lee style Final Girl career, but become Miss Eyegore Award Winner 2007 for her ongoing role as Amanda in the SAW series (2004 to present). She’s the deceptive bitch from hell who carries out the sick and twisted games of Jigsaw and can easily lay claim to being one of horrors longest serving female bogeymen (bogeywomen?), with six SAW films under her garter, five as the villain. From goopy sores to bloody saws Shawnee Smith has made a unique transition from victim to villain.


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